Future golf…today

Article. Future golf...today

Anything you can do, this sports scientist will help you do better

Golf Illustrated

Published on Saturday, July 1, 1989 by Unknown


future golf…today

“Anything you can do, this sports scientist will help you do better:’ People Magazine

“if you want to run faster, jump higher or hit it longer, call on this electronic mastermind:” Sports Illustrated

“If I had this Information when I was fighting, I would have been 50% better!” Ken Norton “Every golfer has an optimum capability. Gideon Arlel shows you how to obtain yours:’ Golf Magazine

“With the use of his computer, Ariel shows us how to optimize performance:’ Esquire Magazine

One blink and it’s over.

The golf swing happens too fast. No human eye can see what’s happening … let alone measure the forces that make it happen.

Until now.

No more guess-work golf

Harnessing computer power driven by a $5-million software program, one of the world’s leading sports scientists has just revealed what no human eye has ever seen before: precisely what causes great golf swings … and not-so-great … so the two can be compared.

This pioneering research

is now available in The Biomechanics of Power Golf. Dr.

On the left a touring professional.

On the right a 12-handicapper.

This program shows you how to generate numbers closer to the professional.

Gideon Ariel is the founder of the Biomechanics Committee of the U.S. Olympic Team.

Will his research help you? Well, he analyzed the golf swing of Jack Nicklaus and figured out a way to add 25 yards to his tee shot.

He showed Jimmy Connors how to increase the speed of his first serve from 70 to 90 milesan-hour. He helped take the U.S. Women’s Volleyball team from 50th in the world to second.

He helped Al Oerter and Terry Albritton win Olympic Gold Medals … and Edwin Moses and Flo Hyman explore the limits of athletic performance.

It’s all in how you transfer energy

Olympic Committees the world over are buying his computer program for $110,000 and athletes are paying $10,000a day for his help. You’ve seen him on The Today Show … on ABC Sports… and you’ve read about his spectacular work in scores of magazines.

In all sports-and golf is no exception-the player who transfers maximum energy to run, jump, throw or hit is going to be the winner. Dr. Ariel’s research gives you four in-swing changes that will have you rocketing shots longer and straighter than you ever imagined because you are using the laws of physics, not fighting them.

The show is highly entertaining. Golfers who’ve previewed it

Dr. Gideon Ariel. Bring this $10,000-a-day super coach into your golfing future with The Biomechanics of Power Golf.

call it the most interesting golf video they’ve ever seen. And the audio tapes that come with the program let you take Gideon along with you anywhere you go.

How to become a golfing gold medalist

The Biomechanics of Power Golf consists of a 60-minute video; two audio tapes, and illustrated manual. You are cordially invited to test the program risk-free (excluding shipping and handling) for 30 days.

Your total investment, backed and secured by a guarantee of satisfaction, is only $88 plus $3 for postage and handling.

If you want tobecomeagolfing gold medalist, call:


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