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Esquire's Olympic Preview

How To Know A Perfect Performance When You See One

Gideon Ariel and his Magic Machine

If you want to run faster, throw farther or jump higher

Computer helps design shoe that walks on air

The invention of Air Shoes, 1976. Before Nike even thought about this concept

Sports Scientists Train Athletes to Defy Old Limits

By analyzing many neuromuscular functions with treadmills, test tubes and computers, researchers are learning what it takes to win.

A Laboratory For Jocks

Tennis Professor Vic Braden wires athletes and their playing fields to improve performance

Biomechanics - how computers extend athletic performance to the body's far limits

Now man and machine join on the sports field to boost phsyical output

The Man Behind The Computer of the U.S. Olympic Sports Medicine Committee

Person To Person

The effect of anabolic steroids on reflex components

The effect of anabolic steroids on reflex components

How To Stay Fit

The President's Personal Exercise Program

MD aims to improve nation's health using Olympic athletes as 'walking fitness labs'

Vascular surgeon Dardik and computer scientist Ariel are collaborating at the Squaw Valley Sports Medicine Center

The Perfect Swing

Using advanced computer technology, Gideon Ariel has proved what we've known all along: The perfect swing is different for each of us

Computer whiz Gideon Ariel can help you do better

An angel of God appeared to a young Isaelite named Gideon.

Future Shoe

Mass meets machine - the computer tells all

Biomechanics in the service of athletes

The American delegation has acquired a highly perfected data processing plant designed to improve the performance of athletes during training.

California Dreamin'

The USA women's volleyball team rose from nothing to an Olympic medal contender after its stay in Colorado Springs for over two years at the Olympic Training Center.

The Human Machine

Computers analyze a swimmer's stroke; special boots pump a weak heart; electricity helps the paralyzed walk again. A new science is creating The Human Machine.

Leap Ahead With Biomechanics

The body is a machine like any other. Analyze its performance on a computer and startling things happen

In Search of the Optimal Sprint

CBA, Inc., not only tells Olympic athletes how to better their best marks, it helps design shoes for pregnant women.

No Fault Tennis Calls

New technology shows that linesmen, not players, are usually right

Computer helps design shoe that walks on air

The first Air Shoes Invention

How To Know A Perfect Performance When You See One

In Sports, perfection rests upon the most efficient application of muscle force to segments of the body

Dr. Gideon Ariel Working Toward the perfect Machine

Equipment Designer

Coaching by Computer

Frame-by-frame, body-segment-by-body-segment analysis, allows Ariel to capture the stance and posture of Hyman's body

Biomechanical assessment of athletic performance

International interest in competitive athletics

Can computers win gold medals?

Computer_ technology allows us to analyse athletic performance in more detail than ever

Computerized Footwear

How one man's mind is thrusting athletic footwear into areas which border on science fiction, but which are based on science fact.


Whips you into shape


Sports' emerging heroes reach pinnacles of power through science

Teaching Tennis To Toads

Vic Braden, coach extraordinaire, uses humor and physics to show nonstars how to improve their moves on the courts and ski slopes

MD Aims to imppove nation's health using Olympic athletes as 'walking fitness labs'

The birth of the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Spring

The Athlete of the Future

How Science is Engineering the Next Generation of Sports Superstars

Resistive Training

Olympic Sports Medicine

Exercise Equipment Joins the Computer Age

Computerized Fitness equipment provides a better workout and more information on performance

Building the Athlete of the Future

Researchers are deciphering the Biomechanics of Motion and the Chemistry of Strength

Call him a man in motion

Who's This?

Biomechanics: A Laboratory for Jocks

Gideon Ariel Wires Athletes and their playing fields to improve performance

High Tech in Sports

How Biomechanical Research Can Optimize Athletic Performance

Gideon Ariel, The Guru of Computerized Biomechanical Analysis

The Master of Biomechanics in Action

The Man Behind the Computer of the U.S. Olympic Sports Medicine Committee

Gideon Ariel, The guru of computer science, tells us what he's doing with our athletes

Sports Medicine

The First Sports Medicine Commettee meeting at Squaw Valley Olympic Training Center

Le Tennis Annee Zero?

Une Decouverte risque de revolutionner lenseignement et la pratique du tennis, que ion ne verra peut-etre plus jamais avec le meme oeil

Really Making Tracks

Engineers have given indoor runners faster tracks

Tokyo Olympic Games 1964

Gideon Ariel carrying the Israeli Flag in the Tokyo Olympics (1964)

The High-Tech Swing

POLO !Magazine sets out to unlock the mysterv, of 10-goal strokeswing state-of-the-art technology

Gideon Ariel Reigns Over Biomechanical Xanadu

Sports-related companies to design, research and test new products

Muscular & Neural Control in Sport

When athletes mention their physical goals, they're usually content to say that they would like to do their best-incorporate their maximum speed

High Tech in Sports Complete Application to Sports Analysis

How Biomechanical Research Can Optimize Athletic Performance

Biotechnology in Training

Biotechnology utilizes computer science, physiology, biocybernetics, biomechanics, and neuroscience in the field of sports science

Structuring a Winning Team with the Help of Science

Coaches preparing for a contest will gather all the information they can on the opponent's strategy and individual strengths and weaknesses.

How Technology tunes our Olympians

Technology could turn out to be the unsung hero of the Winter Games

Computers Capture Moments of Motion

Creative users tap motion analysis

Role for computer

Motion picture, and then slow motion, has been immeasureable help in the coaching of sports technique.


Anything you can do, this sports scientist will help you do better

Enter The Computerized Competitor

What you will find more and more is that sports in the future will rely on science, rather than guessing and witchcraft

Come Battere Un Record Alle Olimpiadi di Mosca

"Scienziato" dello sport oltre che di calcolatori, Gideon Ariel ha messo a punto un programma per correggere gli errori e massimizzare le perstazioni dei campioni del mondo

Gideon Ariel, Computernik-Biomechanist

Gideon Ariel is a single-minded problem-solver

Design and Construction of Resistance Exercise Equipment

The Science behind Exercise Equipment

Can Computers Build Muscles?

Scientific approach to physical training

Resistive Training

The relationship between resistance exercises and muscle strength

Biomechanical Analysis of the Shot-Put event at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games

The only Biomechanical Analysis that was performed at the Athens Olympic Games 2004

Biomechanics of Athletic Shoe Design

New innovation in designing athletic shoes

Biomechanical Analysis of the Knee Joint during Deep Knee Bends with Heavy Load

Kinetic Analysis of knee bend with heavy loads

Computerized Dynamic Resistive Exercise

The first idea and the bases for Computerized Exercise Equipment

Biomechanics of Exercise Fitness

Scientific Bases for Fitness and Exercise Equipment

The Biomechanical Wizard

Athens Olympic Congress

Great Technological Advance at the Olympic Games

High Technology used in the Olympic Games

Biomechanical Analysis of the Shot-Put at the 2004 Olympics

The only biomechanical analysis performed in the Athens Olympic Games

Anatomy of a Motion

Computer programmer Gideon Ariel's digitalizing screen shows athletes how to shatter world records

The Future Of Exercise equipment

The U.S. Womens Volleyball Team has been working with the Ariel RTE for almost four years.

Optimizing Performance Through High Tech

Proceedings to the Track And Field World Championship, Edmonton Canada, 2001

Dr. Ariel's Revolutionary Computerized Biomechanics

How the APAS system prepare the US Olympics Athletes for the Next Olympics

In Search of The Optimal Sprint

CBA, Inc. not nly tells olympic Athletes how to better their best marks, but much more.

Major Motion Pictures

Gait Analysis Coming into Focus as Performance Predictor and Diagnostic tool

How to become a golfing gold medalist

No more guess-work golf

Computer Athlete Becoming Reality

Bionic Athlete

The High Priest of Biomechanics

With his computers, movie cameras, electronic pens, and boundless enthusiasm, Gideon Ariel Helps athletes become world champions

A Comparison of Kinematic Recording Instruments

Kinematics, the study of motion, is employed in numerous biomechanics and human performance investigations.

Objectivity Through Motion Analysis

United States Forensics is positioned to be the largest provider of computerized biomechanical analysis of motion in the medical/legal marketplace.

Applications of Computerized Biomechanical Analysis to the Medical-Legal Marketplace

Forensic Biomechanics Inc.'s (FBI) mission is to serve the medical, legal and insurance industries.

Length Normalization for Rigid Body Movement

The segment constraint algorithm corrects the motion data such that the length of each segment is nearly equal to the segments mean length over the original motion data.

Modified Segment Length Normalization

Ariel et al. (1993) developed a segment length normalization algorithm (SLN) for an open linkage system

Portable Movement Analysis System

he advent of the portable battery-powered computers and improved video processing technology made possible the Portable Movement Analysis System for field or non-laboratory settings.

Biomechanical Analysis of the World Record Long Jump

The purpose of this study is to analyze Mike Powell's world record long jump (8.95m) using a video based movement analysis system.

Biomechanical Similarities and Differences of Andre Agassi's First and Second Serves

The purpose of this study was to perform three-dimensional analysis of the instrumentally recorded elements of Andre Agassi's

Functional Capacity Assessment Applications

Functional Capacity Assessment Applications by Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D.

Sports: At Coto Research Center

At Coto Research Center, $3 million worth of computer technology helps athletes improve abilities.

Coto Research Center: Athletics goes Digital

What is happening here, in essence, is that the scientific tools of biomechanics and computer technology are being applied to human and animal

The Huffy Project

Using the computer, Dr. Ariel and his assistants figured out an aceleration curve for Stu's first three pedals out of the gate.

Olympians Hunting for a Couple of feet in Amherst

They are hoping they found the 24 inches in Amherst during the weekend.

No Winning Through Witchcraft Here

The highly sophisticated Coto Research Center reflects Dr. Gideon Ariel's lifelong fascination with the science of athletic performance

The Acrobatics of Human Motion

All the difference in the world is what Gideon Ariel hopes to accomplish

A Computer-age Doctor turns Athletes into Winners

Gideon Ariel is using computer technology to analyze athletes in action

Olympic Coaching by Computer

With the advent of personal computers, we can now emulate the equipment that cost us $2million to assemble in our laboratory for a total cost of under $15,000," says Ariel.

Biomechanical assessment of athletic performance

Biomechanical analysis generally begins with high speed cinematography which allows careful scrutiny of even the fastest of human movements

Training the Olympic Elite

From ancient Greece to the Iron Curtain on to Los Angeles, Olympic training has evolved as a high-powered science

Coaching Olympians by Computer

Coto Center is the most technologically sophisticated facility anywhere for improving human physical performance by scientific analysis

The games robots play are revolutionizing tactics and training

Gideon Ariel is a computer whiz. He's also an athlete and a businessman. At present, he's the nation's foremost proponent of the use of computers in sports

Computer Picture Show

By studying moving images from different angles engineers can predict what machines in motion will do

Sports Science

science of sports and biomechanics is produced, packaged and perfected

Medicine Catches up with the Sports Boom

humans need to keep the body-machine in trim to achieve a sense of physical and mental well-being

Body building goes high-tech

The integrated circuit plays a big role in making exercise in the home more fun while measuring both real-time and longer-term effects

High-tech workout aids athletes and convalescents

Imagine a computerized exercise machine that uses a micro to "maximize" your weight-training workouts?

Computer-Built Champions

The extraordinary story of the American women's volleyball team

Go for the Gold

Pioneers of a new science in sports analysis-biomechanics-are asking this question. Apple II computers arc helping to answer it.

Mr. Computer's Views

Here are random Gideon Ariel observations on sports

The "Bio" Side of Modern "Biomechanics"

Our coaches must become more sophisticated in their knowledge, equipment, and techniques

The "Mechanics" in Modern "Biomechanics"

The interaction between the "bio" and the "mechanics" enables the coach to optimize the athlete's performance

Can a Computer develop a Champion?

It's been my dream since starting to work with my associate, Dr. Gideon Ariel, director of the Coto Research Center, to have a tennis player turn himself over to science

The Olympics Spin Off New Products

Shoes, beverages, easy-topedal bikes-they're just a few of the goods coming out of sports training

Gideon Ariel: Une Puce Dans Vos Baskets

A l'abri des regards indiscrets, dans une vallee perdue de Californie

Introducing The Real America's Team

The USA National Women's Volleyball Team

Evaluation of Isokinetic Equipment

Ariel Computerized Exercise System ACES

Methodology Issues

Methodology Issues concerning the Accuracy of Kinematic Data

Computer age hits sports

Spalding has already changed the design of their golf clubs

A Kinetic Analysis of the Trot in Cats

The biomechanics of locomotion in cats was investigated

Analyzing Olympic Success in Tthens

Coto De Caza Resident Gideon Ariel is the keynote speaker at the Scientific Congress in Athens

Optimization of human performance for all ages

Biomechanical principles of movement, the scientific bases of training and fitness, and the optimization of human performance at any age

Trends and Trendsetters - Programming Performance

Have you heard about the four-way Ford, or eating ruffage, or perfecting performance by computers? People are talking about them.

Future Think - The Wizard and his Magical Machines

Gideon Ariel puts the Computer to the Service of Sport

Can the Computer create Superstars?

Probably not, but a UMASS specialist in biomechanical analysis is doing some far out things to help

Want a better athlete?

Now scientists can build one for you

Dr. Ariel's Revolutionary Computerized Biomechanics

Tech Talk

Switched-On Sports

In Amherst, Gideon Ariel is putting athletes' movements into computers and coming up with ways to improve performance.

Can Computers Teach Tennis?

The pro of the future may be depending on an assistant with a heart of transistors and a high-speed camera for an eye.

Getting as Fit as an Olympian

Even weekend athletes can take advantage of the new sports technology

The World According to Gideon

Is he a genius or a madman? A dreamer or a schemer? An apostle of high-tech athletics?

Ultra Sports

Out of the lab and into the stadium of Ultra Sports

Science serving sports, industry, medicine and human performance

Gideon Ariel has been a leading figure in taking the great raw minds of computers and bringing them to bear on movement. In so doing,

Computerized Biomechanical Analysis of Human Performance

A kinetic analysis of human motion, one of the greatest advances in the field of biomechanics, has been expanded by the computer-digitizer complex which allows analysis of total body motion

Gideon Ariel and his Magic Machine - Book 1

Selected Reprints from National Publication Book 1

Enter the Computerized Competitor

The Dawn of a Digital Future for Sports?

Walking on Air

The invention of Air Shoe

Want a better athlete? Now scientists can build one for you

Give me a kid with natural abilities and nothing can stop us from making him the best in the world

The only system that isolate single joints for functional diagnosis and exercise

The CES Arm/Leg Machine

The only system that isolate single joints for functional diagnosis and exercise

The CES Back machine

Tietokone avuksi olympia-valmennukseen

Article in Finland

Tietokone-terveempi vaihtoehto valmennukseen

Article in Finland

Les Dieux Du Stare Seront Programm Par Ordinateur

La Science Fiction Fait Son Entrée Dans Le Sport

La biomecanique: mieux que les anabolisants !

Article in French

Les mouvements du corps analyses par ordinateur

Il y a encore une quinzaine dannees, le talent etait suffisant pour remorter une competition sportive

Un Ordinateur Pour

L'entrainement des sportifs

L'ordinateur au service du sport

Le docteur Ariel, ancien athlete, a participe au sein de l'equipe

L'ordinateur et le sorps humain

C'est une place de plus en plus importante qu'occupe l'informatique depuis vingt ans.

The Effect of Anabolic Steroid (Methandrostenolone) Upon the Voluntary Force of Skeletal Muscle

First Anabolic Steroid study conducted wit Olympic Athletes (Steroids were legal at that time)

The Effect of Dynamic Variable Resistance (DVR) on Muscular Strenght

The first concept of Variable Resistance Exercise Machines introduced by Dr. Gideon Ariel

The most advance performance center of the 80's

In a quantum leap, Ariel Human Performacne Centers take exercise and sports medicine from the "Iron Age" into the "Computer Age".

Certificate of Appreciation

In carrying out the highest traditions of Olympism to Gideon Ariel

Understanding The Scientific Bases Behind Our Universal Centurion

The ultimate builder of larger, stronger, faster and more capable athletes.

Coached By Computer

The computer coach was Gideon Ariel, the ebullient, 43-year-old president of Computerized Biomechanical Analysis,

New Uses for Computers

Sports researchers are using computers to help all kinds of athletes improve their performance.

Improving Golfing Performance

Want to improve your golf game? Biomechanics can show you how

Driver's Ed

Practically every U.S. Open champ and his dog has starred in a " golf my way" video


Sports involve dynamic motion and strategy. That boils downto engineering and mathematics, two enasin which computers always win.

The Pharmaceutical Athlete

What can we do about all the athletes on drugs

Athletes' gadget aids businesses

The Olympics Committee finds this system so useful that it has had one installed at headquarters in Colorado Springs

Muscles by Micro

The Computerized Exercise Machine has added a sophisticated dimension to strength

The Sporting Life

Dynamic duo Vic Braden and Gideon Ariel

Are Blacks Better Athletes?

Tonight, NBC looks at blacks in sports

The center of attention

The first USOC Olympic Training Center in Squaw Valley offers elite, and talented young athletes the unique opportunity of its specialized facilities.

U.S. Needs National Effort to win in 1980

To the rest of the world. says Gideon. it means a lot to compete and win the gold

So says computer

GIDEON ARIEL follows the blomechanics of walking through his computer systems In Amherst to help show that our shoes are bad for us.

Computerized Biomechanical Analysis Inc.

The first Company in the World to provide biomechanical analysis to Industry and Sports.

Computers Viewed As Aid to Athletes

Gideon Ariel, director of research for the US Olympic Committee, believes computers can help turn a new generation of Olympic-bound athletes into gold medalists

Breast Fitness

Women with very large breasts must use extra caution

Any Old Shoe Won't Do for Athletic Efficiency

As far as athletes are concerned, just any old shoe won't do

Rotarians Learn Benefits Of Biomechanical Analysis

Performance to be evaluated via what is called Biomechanical analysis.

Sports Stars, Media visit Rte. 9 Shop

If you've ever wondered what in the world goes on inside the Route 9 storefront intriguingly labeled Computerized Biomechanical Analysi

Can an exotic new racket improve your game?

Biomechanical analysis of tennis rackets

Computerized Biochemical Analysis

Science serving industry, sports and human performance, was unveiled to a large group of area businessmen at its laboratories at 316 College St., Amherst

Athletes Turn to Science

Because of Dr. Gideon Ariel, athletes and athletics will never be the same

Physical Education: 2001?

"We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there."

La Machine A Fabriquer Des Champions

Le reve de tout sportif est d'ameliorer ses performances.

Biomechanics: Computer Theories Work for Everyone

Dr. Gideon Ariel, the 38-year-old former Olympic performer who is touching off a sports revolution

Ariel's Computers Lead Way for Revolution in Sports

Make the judgment with the naked eye. But this is just the beginning for Ariel and his team, who will study almost every Olympic candidate who attends training camps between now and the 1980 Games

Arlel -Sells Sports Revolution

Biomechanics in Sports

The Ariel Computerized Exercise System (CES)

Ariel CES is the only system available that automatically monitors, controls, and modifies resistance and velocity while the person is exercising

Universal's Amazing New Centurion

The first scientific exercise machine in the World.

Data General Europe

Press Book-Trip to Europe

The ACES in Space

The Ariel Computerized Exercise System in Space

Barbells on Campus

The University of Massachusetts Weight Trainging

Validity of the ACES

Measurement Reproducibility and Validity of the ACES

Therapeutics Through Exercise

Equipment Safety and Effectiveness


Die Biomechanische Bewegungsanalyse mit Hilfe des Computers

Computerized Biomechanical Analysis

Computerized Biomechanical Analysis of Human Performance

Ariel Products

Brochure from 1988

Wilson-Ariel Products

Brochure from 1986

Ariel Dynamics Brochure with Wilson

If the next three pages don't convince you that the Ariel Computerized Exercise System is far superior to Cybex and Kin Com, I want to know why.


The Computerized Exercise Machine in 1976, Amherst, Mass.

This is the original machine that so many tried to copy and totally failed.

Golf Analysis

The effect of the LPG technology on Golf performance

Photogrammetric Transformation with Panning

A technique called physical parameter transformation (PPT)

Error Reduction in Kinematic Data through Segment Length Normalization

A simplified data processing technique using the invariance of segment length to reduce measurement error

Long Jump Technique: Power or Speed?

Comparative analysis of two athletes who achieved the longest official jumps in history: Mike Powell (8.95m World Record) and Carl Lewis (8.91m).


Medal with Yamaka

WInning medals with the Ariel Technology in Israel

Biomechanical Analysis of the Personalized Vehicle

Project AMF-V1-1176

The Israeli Magician

Using Biomechanics to make World Records

How could a computer enhance your performance?

The APAS system at Data General

Ariel: No miracles

Dr. Gideon Ariel is not a miracle worker and that is that

Computer goes for the gold

A high-speed film is used (up to 10,000 frames per second) to capture the athlete's efforts

Bringing Athletics from Middle Ages

As Director of Biomechanics for the U.S. Olympic Committee, he'll help prepare American athletes

Scientist blows the whistle

To learn which sport the youngster should spend his high school and college years mastering

Computers used in coaching

Computers show us the most effective way to put the shot is to use a short glide, across the ring and a long arm stroke

Computer Expert Aims to Put Athletes Into Winner's Circle

Ariel condenses a stack of computer printouts into a brief analysis that suggests the boy's best chance of sports success

Israeli Tank Worth 23-24 Meters in Shotputting

His Israeli record was not broken until today

Gideon Ariel and his Magic Machine

The amazing system of Gideon Ariel

Data General Exhibit

The Data General exhibit has an athletic theme centering on the upcoming Olympics

Ariel: No Miracles, No brag, Just facts

Dr. Gideon Ariel is not a miracle worker and that is that.

Coto Research Center

Science serving sports, industry, and iuman performance

The effect of anabolic steroids on reflex components

First study on Anabolic Steroids using Olympic Athletes.


Biomechanics is an integration of the two disciplines of biology ("bio") and physics ("mechanics").

Computerized Exercise System

Advertisement from Ariel Dynamics Inc.

AST And Ariel Dynamics Go Out Of This World

World's most sophisticated analysis systems-the Ariel Performance Analysis and Computerized Exercise Systems.

Atari Brain Weds Nautilus Muscle

Ever see a muscle machine so addicting that it kept a 52-year-old woman tugging for five hours without a break

Coto Research Center: Athletics goes Digital

What is happening here, in essence, is that the scientific tools of biomechanics and computer technology are being applied to human and animal

Electronics aids the athlete

Biomechanical systems are useful in human factors engineering, and in the design of sports equipment and prosthetic devices


United States Sports Academy

The Effect of Knee-Joint Angle on Harvard Step-Test

The purpose of this study was to determine whether the angle of the knee joint has an effect on the Fitness Index Scores of the HST.

Prolonged effects of anabolic steroid

The purpose of this study was to inveestigate the prolonged effect of an anabolic steroid (methandrostenolone) following cessation of drug administration and a 15 week detraining period.

The effect of anabolic steroid upon skeletal muscle contractile force

Anabolic Steroids use has been extended by "power event" athletes who have attempted to develop increased muscular contractile force

Prolonged effects of anabolic steroid upon muscular contractile force

Researchers have ignored the possibility of latent behavior of these drugs. The purpose of this study was to inveestigate the prolonged effect of an anabolic steroid

Anabolic steroids: the physiological effects of placebos

This study is one of three in an investigation of the short and long term effects of an anabolic steroid (Dianabol) upon human performance

The effect of anabolic steroid upon skeletal muscle contractile force

Their use has been extended by "power event" athletes who have attempted to develop increased muscular contractile force.

Ou Vale port De Haut Nimeau?

L'athlete de haut niveau....

ADI FanBox circuits for CES

Electronic Diagrams of the CES Phanout box

A Kinetic Analysis of the Trot in Cats

The forces exerted by the intact cat during the trot were analyzed

Residual effect of an anabolic steroid upon isotonic muscular force

Anabolic steroids have been utilized in an effort to accelerate the acquisition of muscular force and body weight.

The Universal New Leg Extension Machine

For the first time ever, there's a new Dynamic Variable Resistance leg extension machine that recognizes the full complexity of the knee.