Presentations at Scientific Conferences & Seminars

Visualizing Orientation using Quaternions

Technological Contributions to Sports Analysis

History of Sports Analysis

ACES - History

ACES - System

APAS - Presentation

Biomechanics - Big Bang to the Cloud

APAS - Installation

Biomechanical Analysis Shot-Put (Athens 2004)

Biomechanical Integration of Essential Human Movement Parameters

Biomechanical Principles in Throwing (Soka University 2005)

Biomechanical Wizard (Guangdong 2005)

Biomechanics for the 21st Century (Dubrovnic 1999)

Gait Analysis

Hong Kong Hurdle


Innovations in Biomechanics (UMass 2006)

ISB 93 Poster

ISB 99

ISBS 99 Sport


Optimizing Athletic Performance (Athens 2004)

Optimizing Athletic Performance Through High-tech (Greece 2002)

Optimizing Performance Through Hi-Tech and Internet (Edmonton 2001)

Penn State

Sports Analysis in the New Millennium (Wales 2000)

Sports Analysis Video Demonstration

The Biomechanical Project (Atlanta 1996)

Utilization of Biomechanics in Human Performance (Israel 2004)

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