Ariel Force Plate System Specifications

Online. Ariel Force Plate System Specifications

Published on Sunday, August 18, 1996 by Gideon Ariel

Ariel Force Plate System Specifications


The ARIEL-Force Plate is an option of the Ariel Performance Analysis System (APAS) that is designed to measure the three orthogonal components of the ground reaction force and the three associated moments.

General: The ARIEL-Force Plate incorporates sophisticated electronics mounted directly inside the platform to amplify the signals from four separate strain gage load cells. An external power supply provides the necessary excitation voltage for the six channel output directly into the Ariel A/D input channels.

Force Plate Specifications:

  • High Natural Frequency (>750 Hz)
  • Strain Gage Load Cell Technology
  • Load Ranges: Fx = 1000 Newton, Fy = 1000 Newton, Fz = 5000 Newton
  • Standard Size: 45 x 65 cm.
  • Other sizes and load ranges available upon request

Load Cell Specifications:

  1. Performance:
    • Combined non-Linearity and Hysteresis +0.5% Full Scale
    • Output 1mV/Volt
    • Operating Temperature -50C to +200C
    • Compenstaed Temperature +15C to +70C Temperature Effect, Zero/Span Max -0.015%/C Mechanical Overload, Safe 50% with no change in calibration. Overload, Safe 300% with no mechanical damage.
  1. Electrical
    • Strain Gage Type Foil Gages
    • Insulation Resistance 5000 Mega-ohm min.
    • Bridge Resistance 350 ohm nominal
    • Electrical Termination Shielded Cable Excitation up to 10 Volts D.C.

Specifications Subject To Change With Advancing Technology

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