AST And Ariel Dynamics Go Out Of This World

Article. AST And Ariel Dynamics Go Out Of This World

World’s most sophisticated analysis systems-the Ariel Performance Analysis and Computerized Exercise Systems.

AST Channel Report

Published on Wednesday, November 1, 1989 by Unknown
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Introducing the AST Premium 486/25.

Once again, AST takes power one step Cupid Upgradeability and Protection. –

further. Featuring Cupid-32 architecture, the

Introducing the AST Premium 486/25, Premium 486/25 offers your customers

our new high-end solution that adds power investment protection through a built-in

to complex file-servers, multi-user worksta- Continued on page 12 tions and single-user desktop computing

environments. As our newest member of the Cupid-32′” family of upgradeable computers, this featurerich system is the natural progression from 386/33 computing, offering your customers the highest performance available in a personal computer.

Premium Performance.- The Premium 486/25 is based on the i486” microprocessor from Intel! Perfect for your customers requiring state-of-the-art performance for business

and scientific applica- . tions, this new system

runs CAD/CAE,

medical imag

ing, physical


and aerodynamic stress testing faster than 33 MHz 386 computers.

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AST Channel Report Volume 1, Issue 4 November/Decmeber, 1989

Industry News For AST Authorized Premium Resellers

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M a r k e t i n g Short s

Premium 386116 Status Change.

The status of the Premium 386/16 has been changed to limited availability, due to our recent 386SX announcement and our commitment to focusing our product line for optimum positioning. This limited availability may result in extended lead times. Any outstanding Premium 386/16 bids can be shifted to the Premium SX systems, which offer your customers improved performance and the unique CUPID-32 upgrade architecture.

AST Releases Enhanced MS-DOS 4.01 And OS/21.1.

Now available for our entire line of systems products, we have released enhanced versions of MS-DOS 4.01 and OS/2 1.1. The new software provides customers with advanced operating system environments, enhanced performance, an improved user interface and an expanded array of features.

The new MS-DOS 4.01 release offers

� a menu-driven installation program, a “point-and-click” graphic user inter

� face and better support for the newest

� generation of hardware. With the new

� OS/2 1.1, customers get multitasking,

� compatibility with MS-DOS 3.3, multiple windows, simplified memory manage

� ment and the first heavy-duty operat

� ing system to include an industry

� standard graphics interface.

� Online Technical Support Goes International.

� AST is expanding its on-line technical

� support system to include international

� customers. Free 24-hour electronic information systems in Hong Kong, Aus

� tralia and other European locations will

� be added to the existing U.S. and U.K.

l� ocations. With centralized support automatically updated regularly, this

� expanded network will ensure timely,

� convenient and cost-effective access to

� technical information for up to 64

� callers simultaneously.

AST And Ariel Dynamics Go

Out Of This World.

AST Technology At Work. – Ariel Dynam

ics, Inc. is a world leader in human performance analysis. As an AST-authorized VAR, Ariel uses AST Premium/286 and 386 computers as the base-machine for two of the world’s most sophisticated analysis systems-the Ariel Performance Analysis and Computerized Exercise Systems.

AST In Space. – “Recently, we’ve been asked by NASA to take our AST-based performance and exercise machines into space;” said Gideon Ariel, founder and president of Ariel Dynamics. “On board the Space Station ‘Freedom,’ the Premium/ 286 and 386 will enable us to test and measure astronauts’ movements under zero-gravity. The results will help NASA


engineers design a spacecraft control console that’s most compatible for astronauts’ body motion under extreme gravity fluctuations.”

Why AST? – “We chose the AST Premium/286 computers because of it’s toprating, flexibility and reliability. It’s an excellent computer. And I say this because we’ve dealt with all of them. AST computers are the easiest to work with, and they’re reliable. This is important because we make our own customized boards and we’re always working inside the computer. To date, we’ve had no problems with any AST computers”

Space Isn’t The Only Frontier. – Ariel’s

AST-based performance/exercise analysis systems are used by the government, sports organizations, fitness clubs, hospitals, the U.S. Army and many others world-wide.

“A real breakthrough is our ability to analyze performance without wire and sensor hook-ups. By creating a digital picture of athletes and superimposing these images on a video screen, we can measure one’s force, energy, momentum, segment/joint angle, and center of gravity against another’s.”

“For more efficient -training and analysis, my machine knows,when you’re strong and when you’re weak, and can adjust

accordingly. We can now reduce the force e

in a painful area and continue the exercise where no pain exists. Also, we can measure an athlete’s capabilities and provide the endurance benefit of running, so they can realize their full potential.”

Ariel has used this technology with athletes like Jimmy Connors, Bill Rodgers, 4-time gold medalist Al Oerter, the U.S. Olympic women’s volleyball team and many others. The Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos are just some of the sports teams using the AST Premium/286 computers. Moreover, Ariel’s machines were designated the “Official Exercise Equipment and Analysis System of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.” Even former president Ronald Reagan has used Ariel’s system.

To Our Resellers,

These are exciting times at AST. Our front page story gives you the details on the Premium 486/25. Inside, on page 4, you can read about our entry-level BravoI3B6SX:

Not only have we just introduced two new computers, but we’re in the process of moving to a new location.

Our new headquarters is still in Irvine, California. Please note our new address.


AST Research, Inc. 16215 Alton Parkway P.O. Box 19658 Irvine, California 92713-9658 . (714) 727.4141

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