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History of Modern Biomechanics

The Discus Thrower and his Dream Factory

Gideon Ariel / Autobiography
As a child in Israel, Dr. Gideon Ariel had five goals—breaking the Israeli records in the shot put and discus, representing Israel in the Olympic Games, studying at a university in America, becoming a multimillionaire and owning a Cadillac. These goals might have seemed unobtainable to a young man on his way to juvenile delinquency, but picking up the discus changed all that. And one sailing, floating throw in a single competitive event set him on a path to becoming a world-renowned biomechanist and operating his own dream factory. Following Ariel from his birth in Tel Aviv in 1939 to a kibbutz where he met the people that would change his life, The Discus Thrower & His Dream Factory describes the journey in great detail. Once a troubled youth, his love of shot put and discus improved not only his physical performance but his emotional performance as well. He gained confidence and dared to dream. And when the Olympics came calling, Ariel was ready to answer. Not only a fascinating life story, The Discus Thrower & His Dream Factory teaches an important lesson to our children. Dreams have no boundaries if you follow them. Imagination, luck, and hard work are necessary ingredients for success. If your mind bubbles, creates, and breathes life into dreams, then dreams can become real. The mind is the factory, which forges the dreams.

The Oasis of Dreams

The Oasis of Dreams, the Legend of Hadassim is the story of the Hadassim dream that incorporated a unique educational system with a varied and unparalleled collection of children. We, the authors, were students there during its first decade. Today, we reflect on the unprecedented miracle that took life in this place. The goal of our book is to share the magical experiences of the time and place that was Hadassim.