The oasis of dreams

Book. The Oasis of Dreams

The Legend of Hadassim

The Oasis of Dreams, the Legend of Hadassim is the story of the Hadassim dream that incorporated a unique educational system with a varied and unparalleled collection of children.

We, the authors, were students there during its first decade. Today, we reflect on the unprecedented miracle that took life in this place. The goal of our book is to share the magical experiences of the time and place that was Hadassim.

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Chapter 1 - The Normandy Effect

Chapter 2 - Children of Schwabe's Mind

Chapter 3 - Children of the Holocaust

Chapter 4 - Children of Distress

Chapter 5 - The Princes

Chapter 6 - Dialogic Creation

Chapter 7 - The Lamed Hei Project

Chapter 8 - How Far did We Get

Chapter 9 - Epilog: From the Miracle to the Routine

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The Legend of Hadassim