Exporting APAS Data

Online.Exporting APAS Data

Published on Saturday, December 14, 1996 by Gideon Ariel
Exporting APAS Data to ASCII and Spreadsheet

Hello Ross,

There are several methods for exporting the APAS data.  The APAS2TXT module
is used to export all joints to an ASCII file whereas the DISPLAY module
can be used to export data for any number of “user-specified” joints.  I
will explain both below.

1.  Open the APAS2TXT program
2.  Select FILE, OPEN to display the Select Files menu.
3.  Click on the INPUT FILE button and then select the desired APAS *.3D
file.  The output file name is automatically entered in the OUTPUT FILE field.
4.  Select the OK button to proceed.
5.  Select the desired OUTPUT OPTIONS from the Select Options menu.
6.  Select the OK button to proceed.  The data will be written to a TXT
file and a message will state DATA SUCCESSFULLY CONVERTED.
7.  You can now use the TXT file for your external program

1.  Open the DISPLAY program
2.  Click the 3D icon and select the desired APAS *.3D file
3.  Select the NEW 3D button to specify the desired parameters
3.  Select the OK button
4.  Select GRAPH, DATA and enter the desired graph options.
5.  Select OK to graph the desired data
6.  Select EXPORT, WORKSHEET, NEW to open a new worksheet.
7.  Select EXPORT, WORKSHEET, SAVE and enter the Export Channel Options
(start, end and increment).
8.  Select OK to proceed and save the data to a worksheet.

I hope this information is helpful. Please contact us for any additional


John Probe
Email:  info@arieldynamics.com

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> Hello Gideon,
>How to export the 3D
> position data files so that I can apply some unique mathematics to
> analysis of golf putting I am asking you for a quick explanation.  I have
> been trying to save the 3D position data in text format for entry into a
> Fortran program.  I have explored APAS2text and Display modules for a
> solution but without success.
> Please help,
> Ross
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