Published on Thursday, July 18, 1996 by Gideon Ariel

Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D.
Featured Publications

  1. Esquire’s Olympics Preview: How to know A perfect performance when you see one. Esquire, 66, 1976. Astor, G.
  2. Can the computer create superstars?. New England Sports Guide, July, 1976. Cole, M.
  3. Dr. Ariel’s revolutionary computerized biomechanics. Track & Field News, December, 1977. Hersh, B.
  4. Want a better athlete? Now scientists can build you one. Us, May, 1977. Moore, G.
  5. Gideon and his magic machine. Sports Illustrated, August, 1977. Moore, K.
  6. In search of the optimal sprint. The New Englander, May, 1977. Rutstein, N.
  7. The perfect swing. Golf, October, 1978. Barkow, A.
  8. Computer helps design shoe that walks on air. Daily Hampshire Gazette, August, 1978. Cole, M.
  9. Computerized footwear. Canadian Footwear Journal, August, 1978. Lloyd, S.
  10. Can computers teach tennis. World Tennis, March, 1979. Amdur, N.
  11. Anything you can do, computer whiz Gideon Ariel can help you do better. People, September, 1979. Kessler, J.
  12. Can computers win gold medals?. New Scientist, July, 1980.
  13. The high priest of biomechanics. USAir Magazine, October, 1980. Barkow, A.
  14. Biomechanics in the service of athletes. Olympic Review, May, 1980. Coffrant, F.
  15. Future shoe. The Runner, March, 1980. Conniff, J.
  16. My coach, the computer. Miami Herald, Sports Extra, March, 1980. Gustkey, E.
  17. Winners. OMNI, July, 1980. Mazur, S.
  18. Sports scientists train athletes to defy old limits. Smithsonian, July, 1980. Stuller, J.
  19. California dreaming’. The Olympian, May, 1981. Brassey, L.
  20. No winning through witchcraft here. Express, July, 1981. King, P.
  21. A laboratory for jocks. Discover, February, 1981. Schechter, B.
  22. MODE: Sports. Sky-Delta Airlines Magazine, July, 1982.
  23. Leap ahead with biomechanics. Science Now, 1, 1982.
  24. Anatomy of a motion. Passages, 1982. Bernstein, P.
  25. Sports – Coto Research Center: athletics goes digital. PSA Magazine, May, 1982. Bisheff, S.
  26. The human machine. Science Digest, June, 1982. Kluger, J.
  27. Gideon Ariel reigns over biomechanics Xanadu. Sportstyle, January, 1982. Leivenberg, R.
  28. Coached by computer. 321 Contact, October, 1982. Lyons, M.
  29. No fault tennis calls. Discover, December, 1982. McKean, K.
  30. Biomechanics – how computers extend athletic performance to the body’s far limits. Popular Science, January, 1982. Ruby, D.
  31. Electronics in action. American Way, November, 1982. Stewart, D.
  32. Computer picture show. National Geographic World, December, 1983.
  33. Computer – the games robots play are revolutionizing tactics and training. Sports Mirror, August, 1983.
  34. The man behind the computer of the U.S. Olympic Sports Medicine Committee – person to person. Scholastic Coach, January, 1983.
  35. Coaching Olympians by computer. Body in Motion, October/November, 1983. Walker, P.
  36. The future of exercise equipment. National Trade Fitness Journal, Winter, 1983. Yessis, M.
  37. Computer-built champions. Sports & Leisure, November/December, 1984.
  38. Go for the gold. A+ Magazine, August, 1984. Barry, D.
  39. The world according to Gideon. Sportswise, September/October, 1984. Condor, B.
  40. Muscles by micro. Coaching Review, January, 1984. Gates, R.
  41. The sporting life – dynamic duo Vic Braden and Gideon Ariel. Gentry, February, 1984. Handy, H.
  42. Getting as fit as an Olympian. Family Computing, August, 1984. Pantiel, M. and Peterson, B.
  43. Olympic coaching by computer. In Cider, April, 1984. Sheldon, K.
  44. Enter the computerized competitor. World of Sports, July, 1984. Slon, S.
  45. Touch of gold. Enter, July/August, 1984. Wilson, K.
  46. The high-tech swing. Polo, May, 1985.
  47. he Huffy Project: using computers to build faster BMX’ers. BMX Action, June, 1985.
  48. Body building goes high-tech. IEEE Spectrum, May, 1985. Fischett, M.
  49. The acrobatics of human motion. Orange Coast, August, 1985. Jacobs, C.
  50. Ultra sports. OMNI, August, 1985. Teich, M., and Weintraub P.
  51. The athlete of the future. Los Angeles Times Magazine, March 19, 1989. Loverock, P.
  52. (Many more are unlisted)
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