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The President’s Personal Exercise Program


National Fitness Trade Journal

Published on Tuesday, October 2, 1984 by Nancy Combs
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The National Fitness Trade Journal

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The President’s Personal Exercise Program

We are very proud to have President Reagan grace the cover of the Journal this issue! Courtesy of the White House Photo Department, we were able to obtain permission to use the pictures along with our feature story about the physical fitness side of Ronald Reagan.

The cover shot was taken at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where among other pieces of equipment, the President “worked out” on the famed Ariel RTE. Hailed as the most advanced computerized exercise machine available today, the Ariel RTE was developed by the world’s leading pioneer in Biomechanics and Sports Analysis, Dr. Gideon Ariel. Among its many features, the Ariel RTE can diagnose the specific exercise needs of an individual, which can then be carried out on conventional equipment. The Ariel RTE has been particularly beneficial to the U.S. Womens Volleyball Team as evidenced by their achievements in this Summer’s Olympic competition!

As we close the Fall issue of the Journal, the Games of the XXlllrd Olympiad are still underway. The outpouring of warmth and friendship among the people of all participating countries has been felt throughout theworld; and it is doubtful that the aura of the Olympics and the fascination the public feels for the Olympics will end with the closing ceremonies. Too many gold medals have been won by the United States athletes for the fever to stop now!

Post Olympic enthusiasm has already been felt by many gyms and fitness centers across the country. Future Olympic gold medal hopefuls have been inspired by new world record-setting achievements and by the competitive spirit among the athletes. This new-found incentive is setting the pace for individualized training and fitness programs through local health clubs. The motivation to work-out and get into shape is running high . . . forecasting a prosperous future for fitness centers throughout the United States!

No matter what the age, the fitness fever continues to soar in America. With a fitness enthusiast at our helm, and Olympic gold medals in the hearts and hands of many, the fitness industry in the United States continues to boom!

Nancy Combs