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Computerized Exercise


Ariel Performance Analysis System

The Ariel Performance Analysis System (APAS) is a video-based 3D motion analysis system. APAS can capture video from multiple cameras simultaneously and perform a biomechanical analysis automatically.

The Ariel Performance Analysis System measures, analyzes, and presents movement characteristics. The system provides a means to quantify motion utilizing input information from any or all of the following media: visual (video), electromyography (EMG), and force platforms.


Ariel Computerized Exercise System

Ariel Dynamics is proud to introduce the new generation of the revolutionary ACES (Ariel Computerized Exercise System).

The most unique system and advanced technology on the market today. The personal computer approach to the practice of resistance exercise is a quantum change in both thinking and application. The “artificial intelligent” technology puts resistance exercise into a broad new realm of possibilities for physical conditioning, sports training, rehabilitation, medical evaluation, research and executive fitness.

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