ISBS Geoffrey Dyson Award 2012

The International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (ISBS) anounced that the recipient of the
Geoffrey Dyson Award for the ISBS 2012 conference is Dr. Gideon Ariel.

The Geoffrey Dyson Award and Keynote Presentation is the most prestigious award offered by ISBS. It is awarded to an individual who through his/her professional career has embodied and carried out the mission of ISBS.

Gideon is well known in the field of sports biomechanics due to his extensive knowledge of how physics applies to human motion, as well as his expertise in computer science. He is a former Olympic athlete, and completed his graduate and post-doctoral work at the University of Massachusetts, where he received a PhD in Exercise and Computer Science. He has published numerous scientific papers, founded an independent laboratory devoted to biomechanical research relating to human performance, and was chairman of the U.S. Olympic Biomechanical Committee.