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Published on Friday, July 5, 1996 by Gideon Ariel

Online digitization (NetDigi) is a biomechanical task which can be performed between different geographical locations using the Internet as the interfacing medium.  These video clips can be transmitted digitally in AVI format to a server in one part of the world and then interfaced to the biomechanical program for further analysis.  Many Olympic events make fixed laboratory studies difficult, such as equine, sailing, or distance skiing.  Coaches can film actual performances on site using cameras with direct AVI format input attached to Laptop computers.  These files can then be digitized or ansmitted through Internet protocols.

Biomechanical quantification has developed far beyond the pioneers who relied upon visual observations of animation to describe movement.  The revolution continued with improvements in cameras, the introduction of computers, development of various algorithms to better fit the data, and expansion beyond sports studies.  Additional innovations in the process are expected as the Internet further evolves into newer presentation technologies involving animation and virtual reality (e.g. Java and VRML).

Access to global resources via the Internet expands biomechanics beyond a fixed geographical location.  This has direct applications in medical research and industrial engineering where, frequently, transmission and processing of research data between remote sites has to occurr in realtime mode.

Ariel Dynamics Worldwide offers the serious sports professional its premier NetDigi service.  This valuable tool is actually a state of the art online delivery system that allows motion analysis studies to be performed on an athlete’s performance even though he (or she) may reside on another continent, and what is more important, for the results to be delivered quickly to the athlete or the coach in a matter of hours.  The system, as it is actually being developed, is designed to utilize the latest in client/server and Internet technology to achieve these results.
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