Personal. Gideon Ariel

The Discus Thrower and his Dream Factory

Gideon Ariel / Biography. Dreams have no boundaries if you follow them. Imagination, luck, and hard work are necessary ingredients for success. But, if your mind bubbles, creates, and breathes life into dreams, then dreams can become real. The mind is the factory which forges the dreams.

This is how sports and fantasy can combine to create real life. Dreams can come true if you try.

Chapter 0 - Introduction

Chapter 1 - Dreams and Dedication

Chapter 2 - My Family, my Childhood and my School

Chapter 3 - Unexpected Feats

Chapter 4 - An Olympic Effort

Chapter 5 - The University of Wyoming Adventure

Chapter 6 - Discovering a New Life

Chapter 7 - Love and Work

Chapter 8 - Munich Olympics 1972

Chapter 9 - CBA grows and grows

Chapter 10 - The Leaning Ivory Tower

Chapter 11 - The War between Universal and Nautilus

Chapter 12 - The Olympic Connection

Chapter 13 - Scientific Life Systems

Chapter 14 - The Ariel Computerized Exercise Machine System

Chapter 15 - The Race Horses Connection

Chapter 16 - The NASA Connection

Chapter 17 - The Coto Research Center

Chapter 18 - Magic in Coto de Caza

Chapter 19 - You can’t have one without the other

Chapter 20 - The Reunion

Chapter 21 - My Daughters

Chapter 22 - The end but not The End

Photos. Gideon Ariel

The Discus Thrower and his Dream Factory

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