ACES 2020 – Multifunction Machine

Ariel. ACES 2020 - Multifunction Machine

Product code: adi-ces-2012mf

All-in-one computer-controlled multifunction machine for physical conditioning, sports training, research and rehabilitation.

The Ariel Computerized Exercise Machine (ACES) is used for training of patterns of movement that are typical for sports under real conditions.

The ACES is an isokinetic dynamometer that allows you to control the speed of movement, while you apply as much force as possible in a training program. The ACES is used to build power, strength and speed simultaneously. Its design is optimized to allow each individual to reach their own peak performance.

The included software monitors and adjusts in a “closed” loop to maximize the user’s training and/or rehab experience.

ACES 2020 – Multifunction Machine includes the following:

  • Multifunction frame
  • Integrated Software Suite


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