Select analog data

Online.Select analog data

Published on Saturday, August 9, 1997 by Gideon Ariel

Select analog data

The Select analog data control:

  • allows selecting existing data.
  • can assist you in collecting new data;

Existing data

The FileSelector can be used to select existing APAS Analog data (*.ana). An analog data file may contain multiple trials, select the correct trial.

New data

If data is not yet available, it can be collected using APAS/Analog. The following settings are specified in the templates and will be used:

Collect new data
Collect data using APAS/AnalogLaunch APAS/Analog with specified settings.
Configure channels and options
First channelFirst channel (default 0)
Last channelLast channel (default 5)
DurationDuration in seconds
RateSampling rate in Hertz
UnitsDefault, Newtons, Kilograms, Pounds
More advanced options
Start automaticallySet force platform to trigger automatically
Trigger channelTrigger channel
TriggerTrigger percentage
PrePre-trigger period in seconds

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