Training on the Ariel Exercise System

Online. Training on the Ariel Exercise System

Ariel Computerized Exercise Machine

Published on Friday, April 27, 2012 by Gideon Ariel

Training on the Ariel Exercise System

More effective than any other workout to date.

First, ACES trainers, certified in computerized “isokinetic” training, do a diagnostic evaluation of your strength and range of motion, and enter it into computer memory.

ACES’ exclusive on-board computer pinpoints the weak spots. This allows your trainer to program you to work harder at these points. ACES TM `Intelefit�’ (an interactive computerized `Closed Loop Biofeedback System’) senses and automatically adjusts up to 16,000 per second to these varying strength levels during an exercise to make sure you’re working at 100% capacity through the full range of motion … so every rep is at maximum effectiveness. There’s no cheating or wasted effort like with traditional exercise equipment.

This translates to more effective training, and reduces the time it takes to get in shape.

Remember too, that while you’re working out, you’re also burning as many as 10x more calories than with conventional equipment. Your measured calorie burn up comes up right on the screen.

The measured results of each and every workout is stored in memory (something else you don’t get with traditional machines). Your trainer analyzes your prior workouts, evaluates your improvement, and sets the computer to a higher goal then motivates, pushes, and corrects you to reach this new fitness goal.