Video Analysis with APAS

Online. Video Analysis with APAS

Published on Friday, August 30, 1996 by Gideon Ariel
  • Biomechanical Analysis

    The APAS allows for three-dimensional evaluation of the horse’s performance during any activity. Three-dimensional analysis allows for prediction of injury, improvement of technique and the evaluation of treatment for the injured horse.

  • Breeders

    The APAS allows the potential owner to perform a full evaluation of a horse’s potential. It also allows the potential owner to predict the possibility of injury based on forces which are not visible to the human eye.

  • Trainers

    The subtle aspects of a horse’s movements which impede performance in jumping, racing and aesthetic form can be clearly identified and corrected through the use of APAS. The APAS allows the owner or trainer to evaluate the performance of each joint and segment of the horse’s body. This allows for clear-cut training programs to return a horse to its optimum performance.

  • Veterinarians

    Returning a horse to its pre-injury performance is often difficult. The APAS allows the trainer to determine the specific muscle groups which have not returned to their original performance level by analyzing the deficiencies in limb movement. This technique allows for better understanding of the extent of the injury and the best course for the horse’s rehabilitation.